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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is an aerial tour?

A.  An aerial tour is a flight aboard one of our aircraft where you get to see the landmarks and beauty of the Chicagoland area.


Q. Do you need special licensing to conduct aerial tours?

A.  Yes. A comprehensive inspection and approval process are required by the Federal Aviation Administration to became an Air Tour Operator.


Q. Is the pilot trained?

A. A pilot must have an FAA Commercial airman’s certificate or higher, and be medically certified by an FAA AME to conduct any type of commercial flight. All our pilots are FAA ATP certified with thousands of hours of experience and trained to the very highest standards in the industry.


Q.  How do you maintain your aircraft?

A. Safety is our top priority. Each of our aircraft is required to undergo a 100-hour inspection by a trained and authorized FAA mechanic and a further thorough annual/periodic inspection.


Q.  How many people can fit in the plane?

A.  Our largest aircraft can carry six passengers including the pilot.


Q. Will there be other people with us on the flight.

A. Yes, unless you booked a private flight it is likely you will be sharing the flight with other likeminded individuals.


Q.  Is there a height or weight limit?

A.  There is no height restriction however, there is a strictly enforced weight limit due to the operational limits of the aircraft. The maximum weight is 200lbs per passenger.


Q.  What if I weigh 250lbs and my passenger is 150lbs. Is that ok?

A.  No. The weight limit is per passenger seat, not combined.


Q.  Is there any paper work to do before the flight?

A.  Yes, each passenger must fill out an electronic waiver which is emailed to them in advance.


Q. Can we bring drinks or food onboard?

A.  Food and drinks are not permitted.


Q.  Can we take photos or videos?

A.  Yes, photography is permitted at no extra charge.


Q. How long is the flight?

A. Each flight is approximately 45 minutes which includes taxi, take off and landing. This time could be cut short or extended slightly due to operational and air traffic control requirements. Nonetheless, your flight will still cover the same route and distance to give you the full experience.


Q.  Where do we need to report to on arrival?

A.  We are based at Chicago Executive Airport which is approx. 40 mins North of downtown Chicago. Our office is in Suite 303A 1098 S Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090.When you arrive for your flight you need to make your way to Gate 66 which is at the rear of our office building.


Q. Is there any parking?

A. Yes there is ample free parking by Gate 66. Please do not park in front of the gate. We will collect you and take you through the gate.

Q.  How early do we need to arrive?

A.  Please arrive 15 mins before your flight time.


Q.  What if we cannot make our allotted time for whatever reason?

A.  Any late arrivals or no shows will not be accommodated on another flight and no refund will be provided. Please see our cancellation policy for full details.  

Q.  Are there any extra fees to pay on the day?

A.  There are no hidden fees or charges on the day. Tips are optional and appreciated.

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